Cyber security threats are disturbingly on the rise and at Truespeed, we’re seeing an uptick on personalized attacks on our clients that falsely claim to be us.  Scammers are creative and are constantly devising new schemes, exploiting new technologies while constantly changing tactics to avoid detection.  To be clear, there has been no known data breach in our history.  When scams claiming to be Truespeed get sent out, this information was acquired from other sources unrelated to us.  

 Stay safe by learning to identify and avoid scams.

Direct contact from Truespeed:

Truespeed does not generally ask you to provide payment information for products or services over the phone. In the rare instances that involve us requiring updated information to replace an expired card, e-mails will only ever come from or a call from caller ID “Truespeed” with the number (613) 865-7733.

 Common Scams claiming to be Truespeed:

These are unexpected calls/texts/emails that refer to a costly charge or an issue with your account.  At times, they may ask you to confirm or cancel a charge. These scammers try to convince you to provide payment or bank account information, claiming that they want to rectify their fictional problem.


Scammers send texts, emails and phone calls stating that your account will be suspended or deleted and prompt you to click on a fraudulent link or verbally provide information to “verify your account.” Customers who land on these pages or receive these phone calls are then lured to provide account information such as payment information or account login credentials.


Truespeed will never ask you to disclose your password or verify sensitive personal information over the phone or on any website other than Truespeed’s home page, and even then, you would only be asked if you were logging into our “My Account” or “Webmail” portals.  Please do not click on any links or provide your information to anyone over the phone without authenticating the email or phone call.  If you have questions about the status of your account, go directly to the “My Account” portal on our website or call into our Billing department.


While in no way the totality of Truespeed branded scam attempts, here are two examples of real scams in circulation:


From: TrueSpeed Service <e-mail address removed>
Sent: Wednesday, August 16, 2023 5:59 PM
Subject: Update User Credentials 


Truespeed Webmail 


You are still using the old Email Account security settings.


To avoid service interruptions and delays in outgoing / incoming mails, please use the maintenance portal below to switch and automatically enable your new Truespeed email account settings.

(There would be a malicious link here that we’ve removed)

Failure to comply within 24 hours may result in permanent deactivation.

Truespeed 2023 All rights reserved.



From: TrueSpeed Service <e-mail address removed>
Sent: Wednesday, August 16, 2023 12:18 PM
Subject: Update your website 

Truespeed Internet Services

Hello (user address removed),


We are using this medium to tell you you are still using the old webmail version. You need to update your webmail below because we are undergoing new maintenance and security upgrades starting today, so please click on the button below and Log in to your account to automatically secure your account for the new maintenance and upgrade.

(“Update Now” link removed)

PLEASE NOTE: Do not ignore this message so you don't get locked out from your account permanently.


Thank you for choosing us and we hope you enjoy your internet Service with us.


 Customer Care  (* Truespeed note: We never refer to ourselves as that)


Here are some important tips to identify scams and keep your account and information safe:


1. You can trust the website and our primary number, (613) 865-7733.
 If someone is trying to direct you to something else, it plain and simply is not us.  While we do have other numbers for key staff and departments, if you aren’t confident about the number or e-mail provided, you can always use our primary number to speak directly with our staff.

2. Be wary of false urgency.
 Scammers may try to create a sense of urgency to persuade you to do what they're asking. Be wary any time someone tries to convince you that you must act now.

3. Never pay over the phone.
 Truespeed will never ask you to provide payment information unless the card we have on file is outdated or otherwise invalid.  We will never ask you to purchase gift cards (or “verification cards,” as some scammers call them) for products or services over the phone.

4. Verify links first.
 Legitimate Truespeed websites contain "" and the best number to reach us is (613) 865-7733. Contact us directly when seeking help with Truespeed services, to place orders or to make changes to your account.


For more information on how to stay safe online, visit Security & Privacy on the Amazon Customer Service page.


If you receive communication — a call, text, or email — that you think may not be from Truespeed, please report it to us at


Thank you for taking the time to read this.  We know it may seem like a lot of information but your online safety is very important to us.